Why Investing in Property makes Money & "Sense"

Are you currently invested in real estate or have you ever considering buying your first investment property?

Guelph is a booming city and an excellent place to invest in real estate. There are plenty of construction projects on the go, great job opportunities, and a top rated University. With stable interest rates, high demand for real estate & consistent market gains, real estate is a worthwhile way to diversify your portfolio 
Why a Rental? With a relatively small initial investment of a down payment and the ability to write off your mortgage interest and property expenses, you can let someone else pay for the property for you!


When investing in real estate it is important that you buy the right property, in the right area and for the right price.  I, along with The Green Advantage Team, have a wealth of knowledge in real estate investing and the local market. We know what properties are great investments and which ones aren’t. If you are interested in investing in real estate contact us. We will do our best to provide you with an excellent experience and help you find the perfect income property.  



Make the first step to owning your income property, and contact The Green Advantage Team today! 



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