Student Housing Investment

Why Investing in Student Housing is "A No-Brainer!"

Guelph is an excellent city to invest in real estate.  One of the favourite investments is in the University of Guelph off-campus housing market. Why? It is consistent, predictable and it will always be in high demand. Every year thousands of students rush to find the best housing accommodations; investors, including parents, jockey to purchase the best homes. It a relationship that is beautiful to watch if you are in the business.  Most citizens don’t even know that this rush is happening every January - May. 
If you are an out of town parent or investor, contact a local expert like myself or a member of my team.  Too many people buy the wrong properties, in the wrong areas, for the wrong price. Avoid that mistake by working with professional real estate salespeople who knows the city inside and out and have your best interests in mind! 
If you prefer a hands-off investment, we can also recommend local property management companies so you can trust that your property and tenants are well being taken care of. 

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this highly profitable market further. We will help guide you to a successful real estate venture. 

To make the first step to owning your income property, contact The Green Advantage Team today! 



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